Sustainable Building

You can depend on Northstar to provide specialized attention to construction details and homeowner options that spare both environmental and financial resources. Sustainable home experts are well-versed in the design principles needed to exceed conventional building standards with higher green building standards. As a result, homeowner satisfaction is greater, environmental impact is reduced and there is pride in building for a better future.

Eight Reasons why Green Building is the Smart Choice

#1 Your Home's Energy Savings

  • Built-in energy efficiency above code levels.
  • Advanced framing techniques and sealing to reduce energy loss, air leakage and heating/cooling demands.
  • Utilization of cost-saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Better insulation and value engineering.
  • Extra care in selecting energy-efficient windows, light bulbs and appliances.

#2 Your Home's Water Savings

  • Water efficiency both indoors and outdoors.
  • Important for California`s water-use concerns and restrictions.
  • Water-saving appliances, plumbing and irrigation systems.
  • Low flow water fixtures that offer the highest level of user satisfaction.

#3 Your Home's Durability

  • Useful life of the home is increased while maintenance is decreased.
  • Less work for the homeowner as components do not have to be replaced as often.
  • Durable roofing, decking and inherent pest control systems.
  • Higher warranty and durability on recycled content building materials.

#4 Healthier Indoor Air for Your Home

  • Green homes are physically healthier; the indoor environment has a direct impact on the human condition.
  • Moisture, ventilation, off-gassing materials, and airborne particles can be detrimental to the health of occupants in a home—particularly as asthma and allergies increase.
  • Specialized care goes into the reduction or elimination of VOC emissions such as formaldehyde gas and exposure to radon (cancer risk).
  • Low VOC paints, flooring and carpets are used.
  • Mold potential is eliminated.

#5 Your Home's Financial Benefits

  • Your builder provides a financial edge with a keen understanding of the economic benefits of sustainable buildings, incorporating a design process that can lower construction costs.
  • Use of sustainable materials can cost the same or less than conventional materials.
  • Utility bills are lower due to energy and water efficiency.
  • Low interest loans more sustainable homes may be available. For example, Fannie Mae offers an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) that supports efficient homes.
  • Tax incentives and rebates in certain regions.

#6 Increased Comfort in Your Home

  • Energy efficient features provide comfort through even temperatures, fewer drafts and better indoor humidity.

#7 Your Home's Increased Value

  • Higher durability and efficiency leads to a higher resale value.
  • Sustainable homes are in increasing demand.
  • Real value now and for the next generation.

#8 Your Home's Contribution to a Healthy Community

  • Sustainable homes establish a higher standard of living in the community. While homeowners realize economic prosperity, they are protecting natural resources, yielding less waste and contributing to human health.
  • Selecting a builder with a commitment to environmental stewardship means an integrated approach to using local resources and reducing construction waste.